HD Cinematography

After 12 years as a camera operator and DP, I have worked with a wide range of cameras and camera systems. From the Sony F900, that I used to create over 50 hours of HD programming, to Panasonic Varicams and HVX cameras. When it comes to making your footage more dynamic, I can rig and operate jib’s, dolly’s, steady-cams and cable cameras. I’ve shot from every camera platform, from steep mountainsides to helicopters and can shoot, DP or just assist your crew in tough environments.

Producing / Directing

I have produced dozens of TV programs, in dozens of countries. Compelling images need compelling story lines to drive them and storytelling has always been my passion. I can scout, arrange logistics, produce, direct or just assist with any of your production needs.

Post Production / Editing

Over my career I have worked in every facet of production. From editing and mastering, to managing workflow and media for long running TV series’, I can take your project from pre-production all the way through mastering and deliverables.

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